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Breakfast Bars Recipe

On the go in the morning? Concerned about blood sugar spikes? This is for you. These are easy and change up with the fruit you add. Perfect for beginning bakers! I grabbed a bar and a apple on my way out the door to work. Yum!

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Morning Scramble Recipe

Start the morning with a concentrated protein and fiber source. This quick dish can be stored in glass containers for a fast heat and eat throughout the week. Use whatever vegetables that make you happy!

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Blood sugar monitor laying amongst a bed of vegetables

Is diabetes caused by sugar or fat?

Is high blood glucose a symptom or a cause of type 2 diabetes? Research shows it is the excess fat sitting on the doors to the cells that is the problem. And now we can actually see it.

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Midnight Espresso Cake Recipe

This super rich, easy chocolate cake is low calorie with about 70 calories a slice when topped with cherries. Perfect for beginner bakers and those eating dairy-free and oil-free.

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