Graphic showing brain anatomy composed of various fruits and vegetables

Improving Cognitive Function through Nutrition

After the age of 40, we all gradually lose some cognitive function as a natural part of the aging process. Additionally, diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia accelerate the loss of cognitive function.

The goal of Marty Davey’s unique 12 week program is to work with you and a “cognitive partner” to use nutrition to reduce cognitive loss to through aging or disease. Additionally, meal planning and preparation can also be used to enhance cognitive function to help maintain executive brain function.

What to expect:

  • Twelve 50-minute Zoom sessions with Marty Davey
    • Each session will cover a specific topic related to cognitive decline.
    • Together with Marty you will learn how nutrition can decrease cognitive decline and other symptoms.
    • Each session includes two plant-based recipes and meal preparation tips.
    • You and your cognitive partner will work together each step of the journey.
  • A complete cookbook
    • All 24 plant-based recipes will be provided in a downloadable and printable cookbook.

Together with your doctor, in twelve weeks you will find a nutritional regime that compliments your medical treatment. Our goal is to stop the progression, and where possible, reverse the disease.

Marty Davey will help you and your loved one fight for a healthy mind and body.

Ongoing Support

Remaining highly functional is a constant challenge, and Marty Davey will be at your side.

Marty Davey provides long-term support in two ways:

  1. Graduates of the twelve-week program are invited to monthly Zoom support groups hosted by Marty. You can share your success, get more tips and recipes, and meet fellow graduates and cognitive partners.
  2. Graduates may book additional one-on-one sessions as needed. Some graduates find ongoing support through weekly or monthly sessions, or you may schedule them a la carte.

Invest in You

To get started, and to learn about the cost of programs, schedule your free 30-minute consultation.