Comforting Colcannon Recipe

4 Servings 20 minutes, includes cooking time

This is such an amazingly simple, yet totally comforting dish. You can’t get much cheaper than potatoes, onions and kale. The original would have a boatload of whole cow milk and butter. But, I find I don’t need it with Yukon Gold or Red Potatoes. You can always leave out the kale or cabbage according to your palate. I would not use a nut milk such as almond. It tastes too much like almonds.


  • 1 1/2 pounds red potatoes, 1-inch cubes
    1 C cabbage, chopped
    1/2 C yellow onion, chopped
    4 kale leaves, chopped
    3/4 C soy milk, unsweetened, more if needed for desired consistency
    2 scallions, chopped


  1. Put potatoes in a large bowl with 1/4 cup water and microwave with a lid on for 8-10 minutes. Potatoes should be mostly cooked and have slight resistance when tested with fork.  If necessary, cook for longer.
  2. Steam cabbage and onion for three minutes, then add kale and steam for another 2 minutes.
  3. Mash soy milk into potatoes and add drained cabbage and kale.
  4. Stir in scallions and add pepper to taste.

Abbreviations: C = cup; oz = ounce; Tbsp = tablespoon; tsp = teaspoon

Copyright Marty Davey, 2009. All rights reserved.